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May 2020 - Spring in full swing

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It was now May and the thought of being 'stuck' in Maastricht was definitely not an unpleasant one. It was spring, the countryside was coming alive with song birds, sunshine, berries and beauty. I would spend the next - I want to say weeks - but apparently it's months basically just riding my bike in the countryside taking in the spring transformation. Stunning is the word, never got sick of the scenery.

While I've always been amazed by the natural world, this re-appreciation of nature during the 'crisis' was apparently quite widespread in the country with the news reporting many people beginning to revalue simple things such as clear skies (no planes) and the sound of birds (less background noise) and the smaller things often overlooked pre 'crisis'. Hopefully they don't forget!

The following photos were all taken in May in/ around Maastricht.

Spring sunrise over Maastricht
Sunrise over Wyck
Maastricht townhall
Haw Pin was written / posted everywhere in Maastricht, an old Maastricht's expression meaning to hold strong
Sunrise over Slavante
Good morning
Nesting in the Maas, now clean enough to swim in
Wild horses roam in the park by the Maas
Ermine moth larvae in its cocoon with a setting sun
The Ermine Moth larvae completely covers trees with its cocoon
Castle Eijsden
Tunnel of trees as Castle Eisden, nightmare to photograph
Wheat fields behind Maastricht
Farmer strangely tending his large field by hand
Good night

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1 Comment

yingying Wang
yingying Wang
Sep 22, 2020

What a beautiful place, stunning captures 😍

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