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Nov 2022 - Yamba (Australia)

After a few years of essentially solid Monday to Friday 9-5 work, an escape was necessary. The chosen spot was Yamba, a town I came across while scrolling around on Google Maps looking for places in northern NSW. I had occasionally heard the name but never really knew much about it.

Turns out the coastline around Yamba is stunning and I found these to be my favourite beaches in all of Australia that I've seen so far. They're a mix of coves with rocky and grassed headlands (covered at this time of year in wildflowers) that provide allow you to choose the best beach depending on the wind. From the unit it was possible to walk to 4 different beaches as well as the township centre. Can't complain. I swam twice a day and while quite cold, it was very refreshing and the waves often perfect for body surfing.

Yamba also has quite an interesting history (local museum is a must visit) spanning Aboriginal and the early-settlement period to its now well known surfing culture. It still feels quite sleepy but I have a feeling that's changing and it may be heading in the direction of what Byron Bay has become (not a good thing).

Highlights here are obviously the beaches but also the coastal walks, the Angourie area, the Iluka World Heritage rainforest walk, as well as nearby Grafton for its Jacaranda lined streets and heritage listed fig tree street.

While photography wasn't the main aim of the stay, it always plays a role, and thus, some photos...

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