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Long time no post, short road trip

In an attempt to reinvigorate my blogspace (are blogs still a thing? oh well who cares), posting some random photos taken during a short road trip in August 2022, to the country town of Stanthorpe and surrounds, in southern Queensland (Australia).

The area is known as the Granite Belt and is relatively elevated (900m ASL) so in the winter (the time of visit), it's quite cool, the coldest place in Queensland. It got down to -4c on the first night, 7c inside the motel room, which is decently cold! I find it's best visited at this time of year, particularly as the Wattle flower is everywhere and the sunsets more colourful, which was certainly the case during this visit. The rock formations in the area are quite spectacular and unique, and there is some great 'Australiana' to capture.

It was a short trip, so straight to the photos...

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