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June 2020 - things start to ease

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Enter June and the weather continues to get pleasant, the birds really are making themselves heard and my bike rides continue without boredom. The various Covid 19 measures were also starting to ease so I decided to do a few small trips.


Specifically for one, yes one street photograph that I had seen on Instagram and wanted for my portfolio. Didn't really get it right but had to try (first photo below). Also visited my aunt and family friends.

Liege/ Luik (Belgium)

It seems there are not enough times a street photographer can visit this train station, it has so many angles and areas to explore, never disappoints. Fourth time I've spent hours taking photos just within the station. The first shot below is one I had planned to take.

Bad Bertrich (Germany)

To revisit (see earliest blogs) this place that bizarrely really kick started by Instagram growth, the least likely of towns where I spent a few months in summer 2019 working in a hotel (family) and took just one street photograph, that's all it took. Still an amazing little town, nestled directly inside a volcano crater. Only lowlight was getting a tick bite.

Antwerpen (Belgium)

A city trip to take advantage of a rail pass I still had for Belgium. I've been through Antwerpen many, many times in the past but the last time I was there (2004) the central rail station was a giant construction yard, now it's complete and apparently up there with the best. Yes, yes it is, four levels of trains on top of each other? I also took some time to head to a pedestrian bridge I've seen many photos of, for street photography, and to the Jewish quarter.


I had long planned to visit Groningen having never been in the north of the Netherlands. I spent 5 days there and based on this limited time I rate it as one of my favourite cities in the country. It's compact, incredibly well planned (the bike completely dominates the city), has an amazing vibe (student city), a stunning historical centre lined with canals and old dutch boats (it's the last free haven in the country) and is surrounded by beautiful Duch polder landscapes.). To top it off it has some amazing modern architecture and the canals are so clean they're all swim-safe, open your door and in you jump (the weather was 32c+).

On the way back from Groningen (4hrs by train) I stopped in at Arnhem, to see - yes yet another - the new central rail station that has won a few architectural awards, for good reason.

Even with all those small trips, I couldn't satisfy a growing urge to take in some sea air, specifically of the Mediterranean variety. Unable to suppress this desire and with summer struggling to get going in The Netherlands (eventually it did in a big way) I took a trip to Sicily in July.....

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yingying Wang
yingying Wang
Sep 22, 2020

Great shots!

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